Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of cases does Municipal Court handle?
    We handle adult misdemeanor criminal cases, adult traffic cases, civil cases up to $15,000, and small claims cases up to $6000.
  • What are our hours?
    The Clerk's Office is open from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday, except for legal holidays.
  • Where are we located?
    See Locate Us for maps and directions.
  • What are our phone and fax numbers?
    See Contact Us for all contact information.
  • How do I pay a fine or waiver?
    Waivers can be paid by mail with a money order, personal check or certified check. You may also pay with a credit card by phone or in person, Visa or Mastercard Only! (Debit cards are accepted if they have a Visa or Mastercard logo.)
  • How do I file a small claims?
    See Small Claims for the form and information.